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Los Angeles paternity and adoption lawyers

At the Law Offices of Donald DeSimone we provide individualized representation to clients for a range of paternity test and adoption matters.

We have extended our services throughout LA, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and the surrounding areas in California for over 19 years. After much experience, training, and wins we understand the importance of a paternity suit.

These cases are used to precisely determine the biological father of a minor. This is used to establish parentage before a child support or child custody case.

When a child is born without having married parents, there are complications that come up regarding custody, visitation, and financial support.

Once a father is identified, their rights can be too. Our team is here to help you determine paternity, custody, support and visitation of your children.

We will guide you through the entire process, from DNA testing to parental rights. We aim to provide each child with what they deserve from both parents.

We will initiate an adoption process whether it is a county or private adoption.

This process creates a legal parent for a child who does not have a biological parent-child relationship.

Once an adoption is approved and finalized, the adoptive parents have the same rights and obligations as legal/biological parents.

Our adoption lawyers can help you with your adoption needs.

We at the Law Offices of Donald DeSimone have extensive experience in paternity and adoption cases and are happy to help make the entire process quick and easy.

We currently offer virtual consultations and in-person consultations following proper social distancing protocols. Contact our office today at 818-840-1299 for a free consultation.